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If you’re gonna delegate, you must find people who will treat your business like it was their business. These are rare birds, and you can’t bribe, cajole or force someone to have this type of attitude. You just gotta search for them. (Hint: They are almost never fresh out of college. True responsibility seems to require some serious real-world experience.)John Carlton, 'The Entrepreneur's Guide to Getting Your Shit Together'

Jill Jones is a graphic and web designer and writer/editor with more than 18 years of on-the-job experience under her belt. Not only has she mastered the industry trade Adobe software in all her years as a professional designer, but she has also faced nearly every possible challenge that presents itself to a designer, and has resolved each one with intelligence, creativity, and professionalism. She knows the ins and outs of both digital and print design, print shop interactions, vendor relations, meeting deadlines, multiple project management, teamwork and team leadership, and general office etiquette.

During her 12 years as the sole designer for Taratec Corporation, a small technology consulting firm in Columbus, Ohio, Jill’s primary clients were departments within the state and federal government. The firm won several contracts with the State of Ohio with her design of the final publications being the deciding factor. She was responsible for the design of the U.S. Office of Technology Policy’s annual publication, The Dynamics of Technology-based Economic Development: State and Science Technology Indicators for the years 2000 through 2002, and for the design of the state chapter in the National Science Foundation’s publication, Science and Engineering Indicators from 2004 to 2011.

More recently, Jill was employed with Honda North America (HNA) as the sole designer in their Human Resources & Engagement (HRE) department. There she designed the Associate Handbook that is given to all HNA employees upon hire. She was also responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the two websites that HRE utilized to interact with the associates of Honda suppliers. The sites also promoted HRE’s large-scale conferences as well as training classes for both supplier and Honda associates. She designed the department logos, conference logos, promotional material and signage, and interoffice ads that were displayed on the Honda TV for associates. Her skills were such that she was sought out by other departments within HNA to assist them with their website and design needs as well. Within this position she was also involved in the HRE’s introduction to and implementation of social media as well as their conference planning.

As a freelance designer, she has been the sole layout person and ad designer for two local newspaper publications, Senior Times and Ohio Jewish Chronicle, and has had clientele ranging from banks to national non-profit organizations. The broad range of materials she has produced as a freelancer include, but are not limited to: brochures, print ads, trade show displays, t-shirt graphics, CD and DVD art, glass etchings, designs for small promotional items, digital ads, branding sets, logos, tickets, programs, and much more.

Jill is currently employed as the Marketing Manager for PolymerOhio Inc., the Central Ohio affiliate for the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). She handles all aspects of promotion and marketing of the business, including but not limited to: website design and development, design of all marketing materials, social media management, writing and editing, and event planning.

Jill began her artistic development long ago in grade school. She soon developed into a traditional paint and canvas artist, occasionally incorporating other mediums as well. In her early years after high school, she used to both paint and sketch portraits for people. When computers came along, she delved right in without fear and discovered that she had nearly the same affinity for them as she did for art. So logically, she married the two and became a graphic designer. She also has an exceptionally high aptitude for writing and editing, a true plus for any designer, and has even written and published a fiction novel. In fact, she has been writing longer than she has been designing.

In addition to her creative skill set, Jill also possesses skills in IT, event planning, customer service, supply management, office management, promotion, marketing, and training. She has great understanding and user experience with computer software from Microsoft Office 365 to Adobe Creative Cloud. Her use of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook are of master level. Additionally, she is a pro at HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Bootstrap, and WordPress.

In her off-time Jill is a philanthropist who, over the years, has given her time and talents to various non-profit organizations including pet shelters, large fundraising events, and a library.

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  • Adobe Creative Suite® (up to and including Creative Cloud®)
    Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Professional, Lightroom, etc.
  • Microsoft® Office (up to and including Office 365®)
    Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook
  • Adobe® PageMaker®
  • QuarkXPress
  • User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX)
  • HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, PHP, jQuery, Java, WordPress
  • Windows® XP, Me, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • Work primarily in a PC environment, but also have working, expandable knowledge of Mac


  • Ability to plan, organize, prioritize and execute multiple projects and events while maintaining deadlines
  • Excellent attention to detail and organization
  • Ability to lead teams and volunteers on tasks; direction, delegation and scheduling
  • Overall team player; will assist where needed outside of normal job functions
  • Vast knowledge of the internet and social media and how to effectively utilize them for marketing purposes; 27 years of on-the-job computer use
  • Very strong command of the English language; copy editing
  • Ability to effectively communicate an idea in writing, including promotional copy, press releases and grant writing
  • Translation of written or verbally relayed ideas into visually appealing designs, concepts, and layouts
  • Equally adept and experienced in both print and digital design
  • In-depth experience with the pre-press process for both print and unique marketing pieces and the knowledge of the design specifications required by print shops
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